totem-pole James Kennell

James is based in a University in London, UK, where he teaches tourism.  He carries out research into the social impacts of cultural development strategies, with a particular focus on the use of culture to regenerate Britain’s seaside towns.  James has interests in qualitative research methodologies and sociological approaches to the study of tourism and society, as well as the continuing evolution of post-Marxist theory.  For ten years, James coordinated a music and arts collective and was often found playing a mix of techno, drum and bass, house music and hip-hop in clubs and bars.  Recently, he has found that having two young children is an altogether more satisfying experience than spinning the discs, although he still plans to write a cultural history of drum and bass called ‘Jungle Was Massive’, once his free time is returned to him.


Wesley Rykalski

Wesley is studying for a PhD in early medieval history at Birkbeck but maintains a very broad range of interests.  Wesley also teaches A-level history and media studies (and sometime other subjects too) at a pair of private sixth-form colleges in Kensington and maintains a teaching blog on media studies.

Weren't 60s rock gardens great?

Tina Richardson

Tina is currently doing a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Her thesis is a critique of the posthistoric university through an examination of urban space.

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