The Collage Seaside

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By Tina Richardson

Collage is simultaneously innocent and devious.” Colin Rowe and Red Koetter

The above schizocartographic image was made by cutting photos of Hunstanton from various brochures and leaflets that advertise the seaside town. The pasted words and phrases are mostly popular terms that refer to seaside resorts, but were actually taken from the adverts of businesses or organisations located in the area. The other terms refer to the analysis and theory of urban space and have been added digitally. The quotes are comments on urban space by the following:

1 – Iain Sinclair

 2 – Brian Jarvis

3 – Felix Guattari

4 – David Harvey

5 – Henri Lefebvre

This ‘map’ has been named after the book Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter.



Row, Colin and Fred Koetter. 1987. Collage City (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press).



For information on my other work, please go to: particulations

  1. Collage and montage are essential organising metaphor for us because of Benjamin’s use of these concepts in Convolute N (see here and I think this ‘map’ helps us extend Benjamin’s system of spatial metaphor.

  2. That’s really interesting. I haven’t read too much Benjamin but the material of his that you have directed me to is really interesting. I’m hoping to get a chance to read some more of his work of the summer.

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