Managed liminality

In Promenades on May 26, 2010 at 11:34 am

A collection of photos from Brighton’s promenade that have been brought together to illustrate the concept of ‘managed liminality’, which is a term we are developing in our work to describe how the carnivalesque freedoms offered by the concept of the liminal can come to serve dominant power relations.  These images show how the liminality of the shore is limited and exploited through the regulation of the promenade itself.

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  1. This photo set brings this regulation of the seaside and of the promenade across very clearly. It shows us the action of ‘governmentality’ on the space and life of the seaside.

    p.s. its pretty flash too. which formatting technique is it?

  2. I agree, signage is a very physical manifestation of policy / power…annoyed that I didn’t capture the ‘crimestoppers’ sign that was also up:

    WordPress now has a new slideshow feature, so not entirely of my design!

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