Littlehampton & the Anti-Promenande

In Promenades on January 18, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Littlehampton, whose Promenade we have blogged about here, is taking steps, record breaking steps, to end the one central function of the promenade; that of movement.  The District Council (Arun DC) have received a sea-side cultural regeneration grant via CABE to build a bench for most of the length of the promenade turning the space into one of rest rather than of walking.  The bench is another interesting architectural form that is being added to the flat space of the promenade and will be the longest bench in the world when complete.

  1. I like this idea of the anti-promenade, breaking the rules of promenades…as well as this there is the ersatz promenade at skegness that runs tangentially to the sea and the Leas at Folkestone that was created on a cliff-top, away from the actual shore, to allow the great and the good to promenade without the inconveniences of social mixing…I wonder how prevalent these anti-promenades are?

  2. I think there are going to be many varieties of anti-promenade.

  3. that will teach us to be essentialist….

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