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Reading for March: “Paris, the Capital of the Nineteenth Century”

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We’re going to post up a series of readings on here that, although they will necessarily impose a structure on to the project that the text itself will almost certainly resist, are intended more as an aid to collaboration.  We will post up our responses to the reading and discuss it online.  We hope that others will want to join us in this effort, so please feel free to contribute your own response or get in touch if you would like to find out more about the project.

The first reading is the two Exposes at the start of the work, the 1935 and 1939 versions of “Paris, the Capital of the Nineteenth Century”  pp.1-14 of the 2002 Harvard University Press edition.  We plan to post up our responses to these pieces in the first week of April.

An Approach to Analysis?

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Benjamin believed that the Arcade (Passage Couvert) as an architectural form and socio-cultural space was a way into an understanding of Paris, France and the wider world in the 19th century. We believe, I think, that the promenade as architectural form and socio-cultural space could be another way into another form of understanding; of the socio-cultural meaning of the sea-side in the modern & late/post modern periods.

Coming soon…

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We will be posting readings and discussions on this blog